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Photographic Keepsakes
Your Photo, Custom Items
and all you got was a t-shirt!?
Unique Brand Representation
Branded for a lifetime
our products do not scratch, tarnishor fade

Event Merchandising & Photographic Keepsakes | HowCharming 2

Event merchandising by How Charming is a turn-key solution to presenting your brand message in a unique, innovative & stylish manner. From pins to dog tags, necklaces to zipper pulls, How Charming will integrate easily into any event and is capable of targeting any demographic.

Your message is presented in a clear high quality finish ensuring your brand message will shine through for years to come. These items do not fade, scratch, or tarnish and are set at a price point that makes our products a viable solution in place of any other brand merchandise (including business cards)!

Increase Revenue! How Charming is fully equipped to support your retail event merchandising with custom, innovative, and fun products that offer phenomenal revenue potential. Small, easy to transport & store and individually packaged, you simply display and sell!

Experiences are meant to be remembered. How Charming appreciates our clients and their clientele, knowing that their time is valuable. Our unique items are tailored to specifics for engaging memorabilia that keep the emotions truly in mind. With quality craftsmanship and wide-variety of event merchandise, How Charming has the ideal photographic keepsake for your event merchandising collection.

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