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Photographic Keepsakes
Your Photo, Custom Items
and all you got was a t-shirt!?
Unique Brand Representation
Branded for a lifetime
our products do not scratch, tarnishor fade

Event Merchandising

Event Merchandising steps outside the box with How Charming's new "Entertainment Division". For more than five years How Charming has been providing a unique, fun, and memorable alternative to traditional merchandise that will be enjoyed by any audience. Contact us to make your next event charming and memorable...

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Quality Craftsmanship

How Charming products are manufactured in the United States using the safest materials and processing methods, containing no cadmium or lead. This unique process affords an infinite life span and maintains its clarity throughout. We produce items which are marketed at affordable prices for access to a wide range of targeted clientele.

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Completely Custom Manufacturing

Your message is presented in a clear high quality finish ensuring your brand message will shine through for years to come. These items do not fade, scratch, or tarnish and are set at a price point that makes our products a viable solution in place of any other brand merchandise (including business cards)!

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Turnkey Process

Upload your picture, choose an item, and enjoy! Our easy two-step turn-key process allows us to concentrate on providing you the best service, while you focus on your event. Along with a proof for approval, we offer enhancement, design, or creative advice as needed.

For over five years, How Charming has been providing products and interactions with our clients that focus on quality. Service and convenience, along with our dedication to quality are an integral part in all our products.

For our clients convenience, we save your templates too. So your next batch is only a phone call away!

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